Jeffrey Farmer was born on the native reserve at Tambellup and has strong roots in the Great Southern of WA. Growing up in nearby Kendenup he was a keen footballer and sportsperson, marrying Wirlomin girl, Iris Woods, and working early as a shearer and farm hand before studying horticulture at TAFE. Introducing their two children and three grandchildren to country, culture and language through hunting and camping has always been important to him. He hopes this book will help more people come to love their language and country.

Anthony Troy Roberts. Geoffrey Woods passed away without completing an illustration for Noongar Mambara Bakitj. The page was painted by his brother, Anthony Troy Roberts. Anthony, a successful artist in his own right with a unique style of his own, Troy produced this painting in the same style as that of his brother, in solidarity and as a sign of respect and admiration.

Iris Woods

Roma Winmar

Helen (Ing) Hall

Geoffrey Woods