Kayang Hazel’s Bushtucker List

kooding wild carrot
kamak long fruit that’s found on vines.  Good to eat when ripe
koorep grows on vines, eat any time
koorrbiirt toadstool/mushroom
kwandang wild cherry, wild peach
mal very sweet to ear when ripe, grows on the ground of prickly bushes
min min small flat white fungus that also grows on trees and shows light on dark nights
miilyep fungus that grows on jarrah trees
miin small red bitter onion
ngedik sap of the yate tree. Very sweet.
nyirnem grows on vines with a nutty taste
parang branches are used to make camp, bed and table
payn/paen wild strawberry, pigface. Very nice to eat
pooting small sweet pigface
snotty gobble white, sweet and sticky inside
talyerak grows pink flowers
tji-ak Round leaf, has sweet (pink) berries
tjoorl sweet bulb found in ground, round leaf
walyemara sweet bulb with one long leaf
wardi wild parsnip
yok wild potatoes
yoorlyang kangaroo berries