Wirlomin Wordlist

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Wirlomin Word English Word See also
aliwa! look out!
ana question
ba and wer
baakan to bite baakiny, baakaniny
baakiny biting baakan, baakaniny
baakaniny biting baakan, baakiny
baal he, she, it
baalang he/she-with; his, hers, its
baalap they
baam hit bamin, baaminy
baaminy hitting baam, bamin
bakidjiny fighting bakitj
bakitj to fight bakidjiny
bamin hit baam, baaminy
barang grab, sieze baranginy
baranginy grabbing barang
bard start; start-up; jump bardang, bardanginy
bardang jump
bardangingy jumping
bardlanginy travelling bard, bardang
bayny sweat
benang tomorrow
bibi breast
biirt-bt sinew-without  (energy)
bokidja over there, distant bookidja
boodja earth, sand, country
bookidja over there, distant bokidja
boola many boolarang
boolarang many (emphatically) boola
boorda later, by-and-by Boordawan
boordawan later, by-and-by Boorda
boorn tree, timber boorn-ak, boorn-ak-maat, boorn-ak-ngat
boorn-ak tree-of/for boorn, boorn-ak-maat, boorn-ak-ngat
boorn-ak-maat stick (tree-of/for-leg) boorn, boorn-ak, boorn-ak-ngat
boorn-ak-ngat tree-of-against boorn, boorn-ak, boorn-ak-maat
bordak next-to, close
boya rock boya-ngat
boyak-ngat rock-of-beside boya
bwooar inside
daaliny tongue
daatj meat datj, daatjak
daatjak meat of daatj, datj
dabakarn slowly
dandang climb dandanginy
dandanginy climbing dandang
darep enter, inside darap
darlanginy chase, chasing darlanginy wun
darlanginy wun following/pursuing (emphasis) darlanginy
dat quiet dat nyin
dat nyin quietly sit/ quiet sit; be quiet. dat
datj meat daatj, daatjak
dawool thigh
deman-birt grandfather-track demangar
demangka grandparents; the old people deman-birt
djin-ak foot-of/for djena-k
djinang see, look djinanginy
djinanginy seeing, looking djinang
djen foot djena-k, djin-ak
djena-k foot-of djen, djin-ak
djerang-apiny fat-becoming
djerabiny happy-excited
dookeniny cooking, fixing
doyntj-doyntj together
dowak waddy
dwongk-kaditj hear, ear-understand dwongka-bt
dwongka-bt ear-without dwongk-kaditj
dwoordbaalkaat seal/dog-his-head dwoort, dwoortak, dwoortang
dwoort dog dwoordbaalkaat, dwoortak, dwoortang
dwoortak dog-of dwoordbaalkaat, dwoort, dwoortang
dwoortang dog with dwoordbaalkaat, dwoort, dwoortak
kaarl fire karl
kaarl-maat fire-leg; firestick
kaarlak home karlak
kaat head
kaawiny laughing kawiny
kaditj-bt ignorant (understanding-without)
kaditjinang hear-see; understand
kalyakoorl forever, always
karang angry
karep hole
karl fire kaarl
karlak home kaarlak
karlang hot
kawiny laughing kaawiny
kaya yes
kebalyang soaking wet
kediny carry/carrying
ken one/alone keny
ken-wabiny dance-playing (singing) kenalangayny, keniny
kenelanginy all dancing together ken-wabiny, keniny, kenalanginy
keniny dancing kenalangayny, ken-wabiny
keny one ken
kep-miny water-like
kerl boomerang kerl-ak
kerl-ak boomerang-of kerl
kert-kert quickly, fast ket-ket
ket-ket quickly kert-kert
kiiny none, nothing
kitj spear
koboorl-wirt hungry, stomach-empty/weak
kongk uncle
kooda-k bag-of/for
kooding wild carrot
koodjal two
kookondjari sheep kookondjari-ang
kookondjari-ang sheep-with kookondjari
koomak long fruit that’s found on vines.  Good to eat when ripe
koomal-ak possum-of/for
koombar big koombar-abin
koombar-abiny big-becoming koombar
koora back, long ago
koordamaat sweetheart
koorep grows on vines, eat any time
koorl go koordl
koorliny going
koorrbiirt toadstool/mushroom
koort heart
kornt hut kornt-miny
kornt-miny hut-like, similar-to kornt
kwadjangan before; in front of
kwandang wild cherry, wild peach
kwetj-miny thin (bone-like, similar to)
kwoor wallaby kwoora
kwoora wallaby kwoor
kwoorditj throw kwordidjiny, kworditj
kwoka quokka
kwop good kwopidak
kwopidak very good kwop
kwordidjiny throwing kwoorditj, kworditj
kworditj to throw kwoorditj, kwordidjiny
maam man
maarr wind; cloud
maat-bt legs-without
mal very sweet to ear when ripe, grows on the ground of prickly bushes
malkar magic
mamang whale
mambakoort ocean mambakoort-ak, mambakoort-ngat, mambangat, wardan, wardarn, wardarn-ak
mambakoort-ak ocean-of mambakoort, mambakoort-ngat, mambangat, wardan, wardarn, wardarn-ak
mambakoort-ngat ocean-beside mambakoort, mambakoort-ak, mambangat, wardan, wardarn, wardarn-ak
mambangat ocean mambakoort, mambakoort-ak, mambakoort-ngat, mambangat
mambara spirit creature mambara-l
mambara-l spirit creature(subject) mambara
mar hand
marak arm
maya sound mayer
mereny food, vegetable
minditj-abiny ill-becoming
mirnitj face
moorditjabiny strong-becoming
moorlan  back (anatomical)
moort-ang family-with moort-angat
moort-angat family-with-next-to moort-ang
moyer nephew moyer-ang
moyer-ang nephew-with moyer
nadjil why/what-for
nan stay, stop
nanap camp; stay, stop
“nga-ooo’ Scream ngayanginy
ngaamar-miny waterhole-like
ngaan eat ngaaniny, ngaanalangayny
ngaangk mother, sun ngaank
ngaanalangayny all eating together
ngaaniny eating ngaan, ngaanalangayny
ngaank mother, sun ngaangk
ngalak we ngarlak
ngan my; mine; me nganalang, nganang, ngayn, ngaytj
nganalang mine (emphasis) ngan, nganalang, nganang, ngayn, ngaytj
nganang me-with, mine ngan, nganalang, ngayn, ngaytj
ngarda beneath
ngardanginy hunting
ngardi down
ngarlak we ngalak
ngayanginy screaming “nga-ooo’
ngayn me ngan, nganang, ngaytj
ngaytj I ngan, nganang, ngayn
ngoon brother
ngoonang  brother-with (possession)
ngoorndiny laying down, reclining, lying
ngoornt lay
nidjak this, that nidja
nidja this, that nidjak
nirnt tail
nookert sleep
Noongar person; of the south-west of Western Australia noongar-l, noongarang, noongariny
noongar-l noongar (subject) Noongar, noongarang, noongariny
noongarang people-with Noongar, noongar-l, noongariny
noongariny noongar(object) Noongar, noongar-l, noongarang
norlak shade-of
noytj dead
nyin sit, be nyinelangayny, nyinin, nyininy
nyinelangayny all together sitting/being nyin, nyinin, nyininy
nyininy sitting, being nyin, nyinin, nyinelangayny
nyoonak your nyoondok, nyoonang
nyoonang you-with; yours nyoonak, nyoondok
nyoondok you nyoonak, nyoonang
waadam kill
waardiny searching
waangk speak, talk, say waangkelangayny, waanginy, waangkiny
waangkelanginy all talking together waangk, waanginy, waangkiny
waanginy speaking waangk, waangkelangayny, waangkiny
waangkiny speaking, talking waangk, waangkelangayny, waanginy
waaniny creeping, sneaking
waam stranger, other
waariny hanging
wadjela white person, non-Aboriginal
wadjelang non-Aboriginal-with
walanginy singing walang-walanginy
walang-walanginy singing (lung with-ing); crying out, yelling. walanginy
waliny crying
wara bad
wardan ocean, sea mambakoort, mambakoort-ak, mambakoort-ngat, wardarn, wardarn-ak
wadarn ocean, sea mambakoort, mambakoort-ak, mambakoort-ngat, wardan, wardarn-ak
wardarn-ak sea-of mambakoort, mambakoort-ak, mambakoort-ngat, wardan, wardarn
wer and ba
wetj emu
windja where
winyarn weak, pitiful
woon (emphasis)
woora far, far away
wooriny long
worl-ak sky-of,at
wort away wort- koorl
wort-bili that side
wort- koorl go away wort
yaak-ngat stand next-to, against yaakiny, yakiny
yaakiny standing yaak-ngat, yakiny
yang give yanginy
yanginy giving yang
yey now
yira high yirang, yirra, yirrang
yirang high-with (at a height; up there) yira, yirra, yirrang
yok woman
yongka kangaroo yongka-inj
yongka-inj kangaroo (object) yongka
yoowarl come hither, this way yoowal, yoowarl
yoowarl-bili this  side yoowal, yoowarl-bili
yoowat no, not, nothing