The Wirlomin Noongar Language and Stories Project Incorporated is an association with the following aims:

  • to reclaim Wirlomin stories and dialect, in support of the maintenance of Noongar language, and to share them with Noongar families and communities as part of a process to claim, control and enhance Wirlomin Noongar cultural heritage;
  • to return and consolidate Aboriginal culture in its rightful community, create an awareness of its importance and the potential for an appropriate sharing of a Noongar cultural heritage with the wider community;
  • to promote Noongar arts and culture through language, storytelling, illustration, music, song and dance to the Noongar community in Perth, Albany and other selected regional centres;
  • to promote, foster and encourage Aboriginal authors and illustrators;
  • to promote the Wirlomin books as literature/art in Perth, Albany and selected regional centres and also to the book buying public; and
  • to provide an opportunity for people to participate in cross-cultural shared activities between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people whilst learning about Aboriginal culture.

Membership of the association is open to any person who has connections to the Wirlomin group*, is committed to furthering the objects of the association and who can make a positive contribution to the project’s endeavours.

*not the ‘Wilman’ of Norman Tindale’s map of tribal boundaries

Follows the links to view biographies of some of the people involved in the project, documentation and press.